"Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past year and a bit. Your support and expertise have been a huge help and I feel the sessions have been of enormous benefit to me. It is great to finally start making sense of my life and world and to be feeling hopeful about the future. Your role in that has been massive."

"At first I was apprehensive about getting counselling but I soon became very comfortable. Over the duration of 18 months, I started to understand myself and my problems and I was given the tools to deal with them in a clear and systematic way.  It has definitely helped improve my way of living and my mental health."

"It was very effective in identifying the causes and effects of my anxiety. I enjoyed the openness and flow of each session – just like having a conversation. It allowed me to open up easily. The inquisitive nature of each session pushed me to question my behaviours thus allowing me to take action and to also put less pressure on myself."

"Because of the counselling I received, I feel like a completely different person, in a very good way. I am much calmer and aware and I’m more in control of my emotions.


I’m generally a happier person, I feel so much lighter, like a weight has lifted off my shoulders, I feel more confident and happier in dealing with everyday things from personal, to relationship issues.


The connection I had with Caron was amazing. I feel she understood where the root of my problems were and my fears and she helped me a lot to overcome them. I feel as though I have got the right tools to overcome anything that comes my way now.


I had the desire to change but I honestly felt lost however counselling with her, helped me a lot and got me through dark times. I felt my entire life I was on autopilot mode and I was suffering and now I have managed to overcome that and that’s a huge achievement for me . Change doesn’t happen overnight but with the right counselling, there is hope for anyone who wants to change."

"Caron has been my therapist for over two years, helping me understand me. It has been an emotional journey. Uncovering my past and its impact on the present has been exceptionally valuable as a trainee counsellor. 

I remember walking in to the room on the first day, nervous and unsure what to talk about and now coming up to my last session, I find conversation flows and time seems to pass by too quickly. 


Caron, has always been empathetic, actively listening and picking up on the smallest details for further exploration. She has challenged my thinking and through play explored difficult feelings and situations. If I should ever need further therapy, I would definitely pick up the phone and give Caron a call."

"I started seeing Caron at a time where I was feeling very lost. Caron helped me to understand myself and to make sense of my feelings. She was professional and compassionate, whilst constructively challenging my negative thought patterns and encouraging me to be kinder to myself.


The sessions helped enormously with handling difficult situations with more ease and less stress. I developed a lot more conviction in my decisions and the ability to say no to situations that did not serve me.


Overall, I feel as though I have a lot more control over my life and am more content and happier with my decisions. This is all thanks to Caron and I would highly recommend her. Thank you."

"I feel that I am improving but haven’t fully overcome my issues, which I now see as a good thing because I am taking steps to get there myself. Through the counselling sessions, I can see that I am going to get there, that bad moments may not overall be bad, life is a balance of good and bad so I won’t be too hard on myself. I am slowly seeing a glimpse of who I am."

"At first I felt scared and anxious about sharing my experiences of my panic attacks. However, from the very first session with Caron I felt relaxed, comfortable and safe about sharing my anxiety problems. Since starting my sessions with Caron eight months ago, I have not had any panic attacks. The reasons for this is that Caron helped and guided me to find the root of my problems which were leading me to have these panic attacks. I felt relieved that I was not dealing with the issue on my own and then gradually I became more aware of my anger and fears. I could not have found a better counsellor. Thank you Caron for helping me get my life back on track again, you truly are an amazing counsellor!"