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My approach to counselling

How can I help?

Whilst talking to our friends and family is one way of managing our worries, this doesn’t always help us to make changes in our lives.


Our feelings can get stuck and we feel too scared to unlock them. We may use all sorts of destructive ways to try and cope. We develop addictions, we use alcohol to dull the pain, we smoke, we find ourselves in unhealthy relationships, we push people away, we get very angry.


This is where counselling helps. Counselling with a professionally trained and skilled listener, will help you to see things more clearly and often from a different perspective. My focus is about helping you to understand the negative patterns that have developed. I will help you to make links between the past and the present so that changes can be made. Having insight into ourselves, and feeling understood, allows the possibility of change.


People often report that counselling with me helps them to feel calmer, less anxious, less stressed, sleep better, have improved communication, a better work/life balance, look after themselves more, understand their needs better, make positive changes, learn how to say no and laugh again.


It may feel daunting or not even possible if you’ve lived with unhealthy habits, bad relationships, crippling fears and anxiety, or lack of self-esteem and confidence but you can read the testimonials from previous clients that I have worked with, to show you that change is possible.

Three painted pebbles, representing emotional counselling. Healing, peace and balance.

My approach to counselling


I use a Psychodynamic approach within my practice, which helps us look at how early experiences impact on the here and now in your life. It can be especially helpful for untangling ‘baggage’ which may be holding you back in your current relationships and attitudes to others. Understanding how these patterns are caught up in old hurts, can free you to choose healthier relationships.


In my work with adults and adolescents, I use a range of skills, including Creative Therapy Techniques. Sometimes people find it difficult to express themselves in words or get stuck, so using other mediums can really help to move people forward.

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