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Work with Teachers & Adolescents

Work with Teachers


As the Lead Counsellor in a large multicultural School I have also supported many teachers and staff members. I understand the pressures on schools and the need for a space to think and process feelings. Counselling can help to manage the difficult emotions that working with young people can evoke.

Collection of smooth pebbles, representing the reassurance and calming effects of counselling

Being understood and heard by another person allows you to truly understand yourself.

Work with Adolescents

Before I qualified as a counsellor I worked as a teacher in mainstream schools, paediatric wards and a Pupil Referral Unit. I have lots of experience of working with young people and their parents.


Sometimes young people find it too difficult to share their emotions with family, friends, teachers etc. They need to have a safe, neutral space to help them to express and explore their feelings. Being heard allows young people to feel emotionally stronger within themselves and feel more empowered in their own life.


Often having had a space to think and process feelings, enables young people to communicate better with other people in their lives. At this stage I have found that facilitation sessions between young people and their parents can really help to improve relationships.


I can also help by offering separate consultations to parents who may also want some emotional support or guidance.

Work with Adolescents
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